Aiding the Unaided

Charity does not decrease your wealth
Housing Projects

Housing & Flood Shelter Project

Shelter is a fundamental human need. We believe that everyone should have a home to protect themselves from the elements, somewhere to bring up their families, a place to work from and a place to call their own.

Yet, in Bangladesh at present millions of people are either homeless or live in very poor housing.

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Clean Water

Clean Water Project

The tubewell donated by Insaan Aid has been a blessing in so many ways. Before the tube well we had to use water from a small pond that animals used for drinking and bathing (Panchaiti digi).

The water was very dirty and unsanitary. We are most grateful to Insaan Aid for the donation of the tube well as it provides us with safe, clean water. The access to the tube well is also much better as children do not have to navigate their way down a slippery “ghat” (landing).

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Clean Water

Educational Grants & Scholarshipst

Educating children to study their way out of poverty and become leaders in their communities.

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Clean Water

Sustainability Project

Sustainability projects ensure that individuals can have access to basic necessities and skills necessary to generate an income so that they are not permanently dependent on aid agencies for food and shelter.

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Clean Water

Emergency Fund

Insaan Aid does its utmost to assist other humanitarian and aid agencies at times of international crisis or natural disaster.

Hardship Fund

Insaan Aid grants financial support to individuals and families during times of hardship.

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Clean Water

Retirement Fund

Non-contributory pension programme can have a significant impact on poverty by helping to reduce household vulnerability by providing support to the elderly who are not able to work due to illness, disability, old age, or other reasons.

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Clean Water

Orphanage & Training Centre

Giving orphan children hope for a better life.

There are over 140 million orphans worldwide and close to half of these don’t even have a home.

Nearly three children become orphans every minute in the world.

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Abu Hurayarh (RA)

reported that the prophet (SAW) said: "When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqah, a knowledge (of Islam) from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du'aa for him." (Muslim and others)..

The reason that one continues to receive rewards for these deeds even though they are done by others people, is that he had initiated them during his life or contributed to them to a certain degree, whether little or large. Since Allah does not neglect an atom's weight of deeds, He records these contributions for a person even after his death.. .

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Our Policy

Insaan Aid is completely non-political, non-profit making, non-denominational Islamic organization. The organization is operated with the spirit of Islam in mind and within Islamic guidelines and principles.

Insaan Aid will make sure that all donations ie. Lillah, Sadaqah, Zakat, Fitr, Qurbani etc are spent according to their Islamic ruling.