Housing & Flood Shelter Project

Shelter Project

Shelter is a fundamental human need. We believe that everyone should have a home to protect themselves from the elements, somewhere to bring up their families, a place to work from and a place to call their own.

Yet, in Bangladesh at present millions of people are either homeless or live in very poor housing.

Bangladesh is rich in natural resources, however it still remains one of the poorest country in the world, due to mismanagement, frequent flooding, cyclones and other disasters that destroy thousands of homes each year. Unlike the UK, there is no social housing to shelter the poor and needy and therefore the Housing and Shelter Projects are desperately needed to provide support to those who need it most.

"Our Housing & Flood Shelter project helps those who are homeless, those who do not have adequate shelter and those who need a temporary place of safety at times of natural disasters."

We provide simple and lowcost housing and flood shelters that meet the need of local people, however housing cannot be built in isolation without having the right infrastructure and, for that reason, we will consider wider community needs such as clean water, education, sanitation, providing a means of livelihood, before building any shelter or homes for the poor and needy.

Abu Hurayarh (RA)

reported that the prophet (SAW) said: "When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqah, a knowledge (of Islam) from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du'aa for him." (Muslim and others)..

The reason that one continues to receive rewards for these deeds even though they are done by others people, is that he had initiated them during his life or contributed to them to a certain degree, whether little or large. Since Allah does not neglect an atom's weight of deeds, He records these contributions for a person even after his death.. .

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Insaan Aid is completely non-political, non-profit making, non-denominational Islamic organization. The organization is operated with the spirit of Islam in mind and within Islamic guidelines and principles.

Insaan Aid will make sure that all donations ie. Lillah, Sadaqah, Zakat, Fitr, Qurbani etc are spent according to their Islamic ruling.