How you can get involved

● Construct shelter for homeless families - £2500.
● Sponsor an orphan or a poor student for one year to become Haafiz or an Aalim - £120.
● Feed one poor person £30.00 per month.
● Provide livestock/farming equipment for a whole family to become self reliant - £500.
● Annual Membership £100 (Male) £50 (Female).
● Donate your Zakah, Sadaqah, Fidyah, Fitr, Kaffarah, etc.

There are other ways you can get involved...

● Organise a Charity Night.
● Become a friends of Insaan Aid (Volunteering your services).
● Dig one deep tube well for clean water - £190.
● Sponsor a family of 4 annually - £120.
● Establish one Maktab (Supplementary School) - £240.



● Provide rickshaw for a family to become self reliant £150.
● Provide widows/poor families with sewing machines in order to become self reliant £100.
● Provide medical aid to poor, disabled and sick people.
● Provide food and clothes to widows and orphans.
● Provide Qurbaani on the occasion of Eidul-Adha.


Contact Details

Tel Ipswich:
(01473) 226879


Postal Address

32 - 36 Bond Street,

Our Policy

Insaan Aid is completely non-political, non-profit making, non-denominational Islamic organization. The organization is operated with the spirit of Islam in mind and within Islamic guidelines and principles.

Insaan Aid will make sure that all donations ie. Lillah, Sadaqah, Zakat, Fitr, Qurbani etc are spent according to their Islamic ruling.